Angel G. Olloqui

Principal Roles

Mobile architect / Full Stack developer / SCRUM master

Summary & Bio

Computer engineer with a Master in Web technologies. Specialized in mobile application development, with broad experience using Agile methodologies and Certified Scrum Master. Active open source contributor and blogger, with interest as well in backend development and machine learning.

I started my career as an Oracle trainee (2006-2007) developing internal applications for the sales department, where I was given with the “Oracle’s best trainee of the year” award.

During 2007-2008 I started my own company and developed Open Doors, a web platform to connect neighboors, together with some other web applications for external customers.

In 2009 I joined Mobivery as the Mobile lead and Scrum Master of the team in Madrid, where we developed some of the most successful apps in the spanish AppStore and GooglePlay. In April 2011, I moved to San Francisco (USA) and I worked as a mobile freelancer while studying, but after 9 months I decided to come back to Europe for personal reasons.

In January 2012 I moved to Amsterdam (Netherlands) where I have worked at Mobiquity as a Senior iOS developer and eventually as iOS lead.

In July 2016, I relocated back to Madrid and in December I was involved in the founding of Playtomic, a worlwide leader platform for booking racket sport courts with more than 1M transactions a month, where I have developed the mobile apps from scratch and I am currently performing the role of Mobile Tech Lead.

Work Experience

2017- Mobile Tech Lead, Playtomic, Madrid, Playtomic is the worldwide leader platform for booking and organizing racket sport games with more than 1M transactions each month and millions of active users. As a founder I have been involved in all platform development from scratch, and I am currently performing the role of mobile lead, where some of my main responsibilities include architectural decisions, automation, platform development, innovation, code practices and team hiring. Besides the mobile area, I have participated on many backend service decisions, definitions and development, as well as contributed in the company culture around Agile practices.

2012-16 Senior iOS Developer, Mobiquity, Amsterdam, I started as Senior iOS developer and eventually became the iOS lead in Amsterdam. As part of my role, I developed mobile apps, coached juniors/medium developers, established development guidelines and R&D processes, participated in workshops with customers and helped in the development of the backend tasks related with mobile projects.

2011-12 Mobile App Developer, Freelance, San Francisco, Part-time freelance activities as iOS/Android/WebOS developer while studying

2009-11 Mobile App lead & Scrum Master, Mobivery, Madrid, In Mobivery, I was hired as the main developer and responsible of setting up a new mobile development team in Madrid. During my time there, we transformed the team and the company to follow Scrum practices, becoming the Scrum master of the team and the company’s iOS lead. My team was chosen for 2 consecutive years as the best team out of the 5 in the company and we developed some of the top1 AppStore and Google Play apps in the spanish store at the moment.

2007-09 Founder & Web Developer, Wixel Solutions, Madrid, I founded Wixel Solutions with other 2 partners to create a product to administrate neighbourhoods online. As founder, I was in charge of almost every single aspect of the company, from the development (mainly Java) to company management. Besides our own product, I also developed a full website in PHP to provide access to a huge database of financial information for Intertell S.L.

2006-07 Sales Operations & Strategy Trainee, Oracle, Madrid, I was hired as a trainee and part of the Operations & Strategy team, where I participated in the construction of an internal DataWarehouse of marketing and customers; and an automated process to unify agendas from Oracle’s executives. Technologies used were Oracle’s SQL in combination with import scripts written in Visual Basic. I was given the “Best trainee” award for my proactivity, hardworking and results out of more than 50 other candidates.

Higher Education

2008-09 Web Engineering Master, Universidad Carlos III, Spain, Master divided into three areas: Web technologies (Web 2.0, Semantic Web, security, …), development (usability and web development with J2EE) and management (analysis, legal aspects, schedule, team leading skills, …)

2002-07 Computer Engineering Degree, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, General IT science knowledge including large number of practices using C and Java as main programming languages

Other Courses

2018 MBA, ThePowerMBA, remote

2016 Certified Scrum Master, Scrum Alliance, Amsterdam

2011 Master in Business English, EF, San Francisco

2011 Introduction to AI & machine learning, Stanford University, online

2010 Advanced Scrum, Mobivery, Madrid

2009 Scrum, Mobivery, Madrid

2007 Business Administration course, ESINE - remote

2006 ASP .Net 2.0 Web development, CICE, Madrid

2006 Oracle DB 9i - 3 official Oracle PL/SQL & DBA courses, Madrid

Project highlights

2017 Playtomic. Mobile Tech Lead, Playtomic is the worldwide leader plattform to book racket sport venues online. I have been involved in all aspects from the very beginning but especially those concerning the definition and development of the mobile architecture and main app features, team hiring, innovation, automation and code practices. I have also participated in backend decission making and developed many of the microservices that are used by the mobile and web clients.

2016 Vomar. Mobile Lead & Backend developer, the project for Vomar consisted on creating a full eCommerce platform to provide customers the ability to order online and get their groceries at home. My role in the project consisted in leading the development of all the mobile apps (iOS and Android), as well as define and develop the backend endpoints needed to support them. Specially interesting is the fact that the Android mobile apps for the employees included integration with portable printers, barcode scanners and a turn by turn navigation system for the drivers.

2015 ASDA Automated Pickup Point. Android & Backend Developer, The project consisted in creating an automated pickup point for ASDA groceries in the UK automated by robotics operating 24*7. Robotics hardware was provided by a third company, and we were in charge of all the other layers, from synchronising the information from ASDA systems to operate the robot in a low level basis. Although I participated in all areas of the project, my main task was the development of the user terminal apps (Android) and the development of the procedures and commands to operate the robot (Java).

2013 MyOrder. iOS lead, MyOrder is a product from Rabobank where users can buy multiple goods and services online. At first, Mobiquity was hired to build a payment SDK for them to use in their existing iOS app, but quickly the project scaled to the full rebuild of the whole platform and mobile apps from scratch. I was responsible from the very first day in all the phases, including the definition of new APIs, the development of the new iOS app and the kickoff of some side projects around the platform.

2010 CanalCocina. iOS lead iPhone and iPad apps that help you find recipes over a database of more than 10.000 recipes. The iPad version provides extended search options and video programs. More than 650K downloads so far

2008 iOS lead iPhone app for the main sport’s newspaper in Spain. I was involved in the developmet of the first releases of the app. The app was one of the first in the spanish media market and was on top1 for many months.

Honors & Awards

#5 Swift Github user in Spain due to open source

#12 Obj-C Github user in Spain due to open source

3rd position in CUPCAM 06 representing my University

Oracle’s Best Trainee of the year

Main Skills

iOS dev.
Android dev.
Mobile lead
Backend dev.
Areas of interest
Scrum / Agile
Machine learning