Writing Clean Code (iOSX Enterprise Summit 2014)

For those of you who attended the iOSX Enterprise Summit, here is my presentation about good practices for writing clean code.

What exactly is clean code? is your code clean? how can you improve your code quality? In this presentation we will answer these and other questions by exploring some of the general principles that any clean code should have. The presentation will cover very different levels of abstraction, going from the lowest ones to build up to the highest ones.

We will get started by defining “clean code” and understanding why readability is so important. We will dive into good codestyle practices by analysing naming conventions, code formatting, comments… We will then continue with good practices whenwriting functions, methods or classes; and finish up with some of the most useful software design patterns applied to mobile platforms.

All along the presentation we will show specific code examples written in Objective-C and/or Swift that expose some of the most common anti-patterns found in iOS development. By the end of the presentation you will be able to quickly detect anycode smell in your project and you will be better prepared to write a “cleaner” alternative.

Writing clean code from Angel Garcia Olloqui