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Tag: cache

Restkit addition: Cache-Control

Angel G. Olloqui 15 August, 2012

Today I am not going to explain anything new but to add a small patch to RestKit. If you still haven’t worked with RestKit before give it a try. It is a very useful library to manage connection to external APIs.
RestKit, between many other things, have a feature to set the cache policy that you want to use when interacting with the external WebServices. However, if you take a look to the defined policies, you may see (if nothing has changed since I wrote this post) that none of them give you the option to read the “Cache-Control” header of the HTTP response. And that is exactly what I have added in my pull request https://github.com/RestKit/RestKit/pull/888. Nevertheless, the pull request has not been merged yet, so here you have a temporary solution:

Tags: restkit, libraries, patch, ios, cache