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Tag: cocoa

Chain of Responsibility pattern

Angel G. Olloqui 09 February, 2014

Today I am going to write about a pretty uncommon but very useful pattern in iOS apps, called Chain of Responsibility, exploring how we can take advantage of some Cocoa methods to implement it easily and how/when to use it in your iOS apps to reduce dependencies in modular apps. 
But before starting, I want to acknowledge Saul Mora because it was on one of his presentations (about a year ago) where I first saw this pattern in action. He applied it for the Model layer, while I do it for the Controller flow mostly, but the main idea behind the whole post is basically the same and you could apply it for either case. I suggest you spend some time checking his presentation about this pattern, very inline with this post.
So that been said, let’s start with some basic concepts.

Tags: cocoa, ios, objective-c, patterns