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Tag: like button

Facebook Like Button on iOS

Angel G. Olloqui 06 November, 2010

Important Note

Some people are still asking me for this. Please, note that this post is too old and that it was a hack at that time, so it is very likely to fail nowadays. Nevertheless, the idea behind this hack should still work: Embeb a webview with the official FB like button and capture the login redirect to display a proper dialog to the user. 


The problem

Some days ago a client asked us for including a Like Facebook button in one of his iPad applications. We have previously used Facebook iOS SDK (https://github.com/facebook/facebook-ios-sdk) for including things like the user's profile photo, friends, and so on so we were pretty sure that this button would be easy to implement.
Upppssss, what an error! Facebook iOS API doesn't include a FB Like button, and the Rest API either. The only way that Facebook seems to give to developers is a HTML button or iframe, both of them thinked for being in a web enviroment. Of course we have the chance to include a webview in the iPad app to include this button, but we should take care of the login process and some other issues, so I did some research and I found this:

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